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they kinda suck, but if you wanna see them

(click the link!)


just so you know

I made a new LJ account cuz I'm tired of this name (it makes me feel like a fan-girl. xD) so if anyone wants to add my other one then here it is ; harlequin_arrow

these guys

Them Crooked Vultures. they f-ing rock and thanks to them, I've fallen back in love with Josh Homme (far left) all over again. cuz not only is he amazingly talented but, look at him, he's gorgeous too!


I now know

supposedly I actually CAN post photos here from my PSP, so I will do that now when I want to.

like so

what's up?

not much to post, but; Sherlock Holmes is a great movie, and I've been listening to Them Crooked Vultures alot, they're amazing. also, I've been trying to play video games more instead of being online so much.
I'm going to see Sherlock Holmes this weekend. yay! also, new Community and Supernatural tomorrow FTW! I'm a bit too excited. xD

so, I went out today

I got Rihanna's new album and saw Avatar. Avatar was better than I expected and I now have a crush on Sam Worthington. xD I already thought he was cute when I saw pictures of him, but now I think he's beautiful and talented. great movie, I think!

on a side note, I also bought the January 2010 issue of GQ after finding out that Paul Walker (who I love) is in it, so Rihanna being on the cover was just a bonus.

that's about it. sorry for another boring entry!
I apologize,I didn't realize it was actually being read by anyone besides myself! nothing much to say,I've just been celebrating the holidays & watching DVDs (+ drooling over unattainable men, as usual)

one funny thing that happened was that my sister admitted that Joel McHale is cute,I personally find that to be an understatement, but I digress. it was funny cuz she said "I don't love him like you do though" I think she can tell how strongly I feel about him, and I gotta say I fucking love her for that.
I watched Community tonight, which was nice. I'm starting to realize how much of a freakin' hottie Joel McHale really is.

on a side note: I'm so excited to get The Hangover on DVD this Tuesday! Justin Bartha, Ed Helms AND Bradley Cooper, who could ask for more?

oh, and speaking of Ed Helms, that episode of The Office sure was funny/cute.

new crush

turns out I have a new crush: Joel McHale. God,hes sexy & hes hilarious too,which is a weakness of mine. Community is great,I wish I didnt start liking it so late,cuz its already 10 episodes in,but thats ok. I watched episodes 6 & 7 thanks to On Demand though! anyways, Joel now has a special place in my heart.

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